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awooOS attempts to provide a modular collection of libraries, services, and utilities that can be used to build a POSIX-compliant system.

Code is generally released under the MIT license, to allow easy reuse.


Project Purpose
boreutils Basic shell utilities


Most of awooOS is implemented as libraries.

Presumably, eventually, some of that will become services/executables...?

NOTE: In the table below, "libc" and "ali" are listed as distinct dependencies, because ali accumulated nonstandard components during experimentation. This needs to be resolved in some way.

Library Purpose Required Deps Optional Deps
ali libc, events memory manager Tinker
dmm memory manager libc (stddef.h, stdint.h) Tinker
flail kernel panics libc (stddef.h, stdint.h) Tinker
greeter boot-time greeting Ali (event, text) (none)
hal hardware abstraction layer libc, Ali, DMM, Flail Tinker
shell basically-useless shell libc, Ali (event, str) (none)
tests Tinker integration Ali, Tinker1 ???
tinker kernel test framework libc, Ali (number) (none)

  1. the awooOS-specific tests library depends on every library awooOS uses that relies on Tinker.